Why Make A Will

Why should I make a Will?

To avoid dying 'intestate' (without a Will) and allowing your possessions to be      distributed according to the law of intestacy.

In your Will you can appoint a Guardian, a person of YOUR choice to look after      YOUR children if you should die before they reach 18.

Administering an estate, with a Grant of Probate, where there is a Will, is far      quicker and cheaper than without. Why give banks and solicitors money that      should go to your loved ones ?

It is commonly believed that husbands and wives are automatically entitled to      inherit everything from each other. This is often NOT the case.

If you are not married, then your partner will NOT inherit your estate, at least      not without a long and expensive legal battle.

Increased property values may make your estate liable to Inheritance Tax      (Death Duties). These can be minimised or even eliminated by a carefully      written Will.

You may want to prevent certain members of your family from benefiting from      your estate. This can only be done through a Will.

You may want to leave something to friends, colleagues or charities. This can      only happen if you make a Will.

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