What To Do Next?

How we work

Through ProtectMyEstate you can choose the best way in which to arrange your will, by completing our contact form and asking for a free, confidential and no-obligation home visit (or to your place of work - which ever suits you). This way you can benefit from professional guidance and advice with respect to your will and estate planning in surroundings that you are familiar with.

Arrange a Home Visit

To arrange a home visit for you and your family please complete our contact form arrange an initial telephone consultation and to arrange a visit in your home. If you want us to call you at a convenient time, use our simple contact form.

Preparing for Our Visit

Once your appointment has been arranged, it makes sense to prepare beforehand.

The following checklist should help you in this.

    List all the assets and property which makes up your estate; for example, your        home, car, valuables, inherited items, investments, insurance, death benefits,        pensions and business interests.

    List the names and addresses of your chosen executors, beneficiaries and        guardians to be stated in your Will

    Executors are those who will administer your Will through the legal process of        applying for and obtaining a Grant Probate, collecting in your estate,        distributing the proceeds to your chosen beneficiaries, and finally administering        any Trusts resulting from your Will.

    Beneficiaries are those you would like to benefit from your estate ie. receive        money or valuables.

    Guardians are those who you would like to care for your young children,        should you die before they reach 18 years.