There is a common misconception that the use of Trusts in a Will is only applicable to the very wealthy. This is a fallacy, Trusts offer not only protection from Inheritance Tax, but also protect your assets against assessment for long term care, bankruptcy, divorce and separation within the family, often protecting our children's assets from themselves.

Please take a few moments to ask yourself the following questions:

    If you total up the value of your own and your spouse/partner's assets,         including any insurance policies and death in service benefits is the value         above 325,000 ?

    Are you concerned that if you go into care your assets, especially your home,         will be lost to pay for your care ?

    Do you have 'in-laws' whom you would not like to receive or even gain control         of your family assets ?

    Are you concerned that future divorces or separations in the family may dilute         assets which you have left for your children, grandchildren and future         generations?

    Have you left money to minors in the Will which you would rather be managed         by members of the family rather than a local solicitor or worse still the Courts         with the associated costs ?

    Have you left assets to any member of the family who receives Disabled        Benefits from the state or any other state benefits ?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above questions then a Trust maybe the correct option for your estate. ProtectMyEstate are specialists in advising on the different Trusts available to reflect your future concerns.

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