Stamp Duty Avoidance for Residential Property in Excess of 400k

Most of us are aware that SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) is payable @ 3% on properties between 400,000 & 500,000, with 4% being attracted on properties over 500,000. Most of us would also agree that this is extortionate, and can prove prohibitive to potential house purchasers.

Think how beneficial it would be to you and your clients if by applying proven strategies, which operate with Counsels' opinion making them legal and legitimate, it was possible to eliminate the liability to SDLT. We have been implementing such strategies for almost 6 years, and have never had a single case challenged by the Inland Revenue.

We now have a brand new Strategy that carries Counsels Opinion named Lazarus, so it is "Cutting Edge" Tax Planning and deemed to be the most Robust Strategy available.

The fees you or your clients would pay are some of the lowest available and other than small upfront application fee (payable only on success) and after confirmation that no challenge has been made during the enquiry window (10 months after completion).

Tax planning is not for everyone. Persons of a nervous disposition, who are relatively unsophisticated in their tax affairs, or hold strong views about the morality of tax planning are almost certainly best advised not to proceed. For those persons who are, or have been, used to taking measured risk and judging this against likely returns, then SDLT tax planning may be the option for you.

If you are planning the purchase of a property in excess of 400k, complete our contact form for more details of the scheme, and make that next big move a step closer to reality and a little less costly.